Match Report
Harrow International School Hong Kong Girls-U12B vs  League Tournament
On: Monday, 05 Feb 2018
Venue: Away

We did pretty well in the first match, we had good interceptions from most of our teammates, great communication and we are good at finding spaces on the court. I think we need to improve on slowing down without moving really fast and use all of our 3 seconds to pass. So our final score was 1-3 to NAIS. From my opinion, I think our second match was a great success between all of our matches because we filled most of the court and marked our players really well. We also snatched and run for the ball when the ball is rolling on the court especially Isabella. If we could improve, I think we should make the shooters close to the pole by passing back to WA or C when the shooters think it is too far and they can’t shoot so it would be easier for the shooter to shoot in the hoop. Our score was 2-0 to us. The third match was the hardest match within all the matches because our opponent has a strong team with both great shooters and defenders but we have tried our best to pass the court down to our side where our team shoots. Like I said in the first match we were moving down the court really quickly so we have to try to slow down. Our score for the third match was 8-0 to CIS. In conclusion, I think we did well because it is our first tournament of the whole year and we are going to improve a lot towards the year.

- Branda Mak