Match Report
Harrow International School Hong Kong Girls-U12A vs  League Tournament
On: Monday, 05 Feb 2018
Venue: Away

We had a great time playing the first game of our netball season. It was a great opportunity for us to play against other teams and figure out each other's strengths and areas we can improve in. Over the 3 matches, my team improved so much and everyone played amazing netball. Everyone was involved and worked really hard.

For our first match we played against Kellet which was a very strong team and even though we tried we made many mistakes and unfortunately lost. We used our break in between matches to do some drills with the assistance of Coach Joline and kept in mind the pointers that she gave us which really helped for us to focus and win our second match. For our second match we played against West Island School and we won 4-0. For our 3rd match, we played against Nord Anglia and won 9-0! The score shows our determination to play a great game and win. I am very proud of my team members and hope to keep up the good work!

- Alana de Blank (Capt)