Match Report
Harrow International School Hong Kong Open vs  tbc
On: Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017
Venue: Away

On Wednesday 29th November, 12 riders went for a horse riding trial at Lo Wu Saddle Club to find out who would represent the school at the upcoming Equestrian Competitions. The riders were all put through their paces showing how they can walk, trot, canter and for some of them, jump. All pupils rode very well and it was a tough choice to decide who would represent the school. The following pupils were selected to represent Harrow Hong Kong in the Lower Division: Jack Callan, Fabiola Chong, Kylie Lau and Jamie Young. Melanie Yang will represent in the Higher Division again this year. Some of the other riders will take part in the Lo Wu Saddle Club Mini Inter School Competitions in January. We are looking forward to bringing you more details of the events next term. Finally, do look out for the horse riding ECA starting after Christmas if you fancy improving your skills so you can join the team in the future.