Match Report
Harrow International School Hong Kong Girls-U11A vs  Kellett U11 Girls Football tournament
On: Thursday, 30 Nov 2017
Venue: Away

On Thursday the 30th of November, The harrow U11 girls played a tournament at King's park.We played amazingly and came out victorious, winning the plate. Our first match was against GSIS. We fought valiantly but lost closely 1-0.After that, we were determined to win and dominated Renaissance college 7-0, 4 of the goals scored by Gemma Atherly, 1 scored by Me, One scored by Iona Alexander and 1 scored by Adelaide green.Motivated by the win, we were encouraged to play our best and Beat Kellet in an extremely close and hard fought match 1-0.In my opinion, this was the best of our play, our strong defence consisting of Marlika Hoy and Mya Gardener doing an excellent job, although many of us got slightly injured. After a long break, we had back to back matches, with Kennedy and Beacon Hill. Kennedy was amazingly strong, beating us 2-0 although there were many fouls involved with that match, We still played really well and put up a good fight. We beat Beacon Hill 1-0 and it was a pretty good match, it also decided our fate for the knockout rounds.The next match against ? was the semi-final of the plate, and it was a really tough match. Eventually, it came to penalties, a really stressful thing to do. We did superbly, Our amazing goalie Gianna Tsang not letting in a single goal, and Ella Keller and I both managed to score goals. We then played Kellet again in the plate finals, and it was probably the toughest match of all. It came down to penalties again, but like before Gianna did amazingly just as she had done the whole match, only letting in 3 goals in the entire competition. I again managed to score, and this time Adelaide Green scored as well. We were ecstatic, and our captain Marlika Hoy went up to receive the trophy. I think it was our team spirit that carried us through, so it would be great to see you cheering on your harrow teams!